venerdì 11 settembre 2015

prima o poi!

ci stiamo rifacendo il look.. prima o poi ce la faremo e torneremo! baci a chiunque sia in ascolto..

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

ciao! siamo qui…

anche se non ci potete vedere… altea, la piris e io…
torneremo il prima possibile!


martedì 30 settembre 2014

from tomorrow…

…every day could be the day!

altea is coming! happy october 2014!

martedì 29 luglio 2014

feeling on the move

we are moving! well… pi is moving for us…
and our little fish is moving happily by herself all day long… maybe to help her daddy…

in a couple of week we will make a little step in our new life… 
and in our new beautiful home! yeeee!!


picture 2014©virr

martedì 15 luglio 2014

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

a yellow sofa…

I would really really really love to have a yellow sofa… and now that we are moving…
maybe I could have one!! ok pi? pi? silence gives consent…

venerdì 4 luglio 2014

juicy wall of frame…

we are moving! yes, to a bigger [not so bigger really, but with a room more…]
house, with a little garden and a lot of dreams

what do you think? would pi appreciate an ananas wall paper like this one above?
well… it’s summer, let’s go juicy!

martedì 1 luglio 2014

ananas feelings

summer is so lazy to come… let’s make an ananas dress to make sun shines!